Le Trou Noir offers introductory courses in black and white film photography. This is training in film photography, developing film and enlarging some of your 35mm negatives in the darkroom.

In a series of 4 courses given over 4 consecutive weeks, you will have the opportunity to learn the physics of film, optics, the notions of contrast and exposure, the process of development and enlargement in the darkroom, manipulating mattes and filters (the 'analog photoshop'), as well as finishing your own black and white prints.

The training is 20% theory and 80% practice. Classes will take place in the darkroom of Trou Noir.

The cost of the training is $400 for the series of 4 courses (14 hours in total). All the necessary equipment is provided: camera, film, chemistry, photo paper, as well as a conservation binder. It is also possible to use your own camera if you wish.

Usually, the course is given in pairs. If you already know how to handle a camera, it is also possible to start with class 2.

LESSON 1 - Shooting

duration : 3h

  • ✭ How an SLR camera works in manual mode
  • ✭ Film physics
  • ✭ Optical
  • ✭ Notions of depth of field, contrasts and exposure

LESSON 2 - Film

duration : 3h

  • ✭ Development of 35mm black and white films with chemicals
  • ✭ Scan of negatives

LESSON 3 - Enlargement I

duration : 4h

  • ✭ Preparation of chemicals
  • ✭ Printing a contact sheet or photogram
  • ✭ Magnification
  • ✭ Framing

LESSON 4 - Enlargement II

duration : 4h

  • ✭ Perfection of the use of enlargement and retouching with contrast filters
  • ✭ Creating editing masks
  • ✭ Finishing your own black and white photographs

*Please note that course sessions are offered on request. Write to us at to book a workshop with us.


Pricing : 4 hours - 240$

Each course can be created according to your interests. We invite you to write to us at with your craziest photo ideas!


We don't offer rentals right now at our new space, but we will in tue future.