Le Trou Noir collective has already implemented a few artisanal publications of fanzines under different themes bringing together photographs, texts and poems by its members. We value collaboration and want to continue to share our creations and thus stimulate our different creative processes and skills.

Le Trou Noir aims to continue its momentum towards micro-publishing and expand its distribution pool. To order zines or get more information, write to us.

BIG BANG (2019)

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cover of the Zine Big Bang, with Le Trou Noir's logo first page of the zine Big Bang, with an introduction text page inside the zine Big Bang, with 3 black and white pictures, one represents a protest, the other one a fire, and the other one is abstract

PEAU (2020)

cover of the zine Peau first page of the zine Peau, with introduction text second page, with the rest of the introduction text and a black and white picture of a hand on a thigh


cover of the zine Rêver en couleurs, the cover is blue and represents a carrousel page from the zine, with introduction text page from a zine, with 3 black and white pictures of wrecked boats, and a poem